LCU Nightlife currently represents the Lower Mainland as a company providing both event management and promotions services. As a long-standing icon in the club-promotions scene, LCU Nightlife’s team has matured to encompass a whole range of different events, galas, and exclusive parties.

LCU Nightlife started as a small group of friends just trying to achieve different goals coming out of high school but had a common denominator: our love of music. It consisted of Stimulant J (link to DJ Roster page), myself and a couple others who loved music, clubs and all the nightlife aspects of partying. We started DJing, (some of us better than the others haha) and throwing parties. Through some trials and tribulations, we quickly learned our crafts: one was to DJ and the other was to a throw a party so people could see us play.

Now, ten short years later, we have embodied the entire Vancouver nightlife scene. Everything from DJing, event planning, producing and throwing some of the most memorable parties this city has seen. From weekly club nights to massive NYE galas, concerts and charity galas, we have been doing what we can to feed the need of Vancouver’s nightclub scene.

– Riaz, Co-founder of LCU Nightlife